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Everything from corporate video to music videos, I have a deep understanding of composition, shot structure, lighting, framing, producing and effects compositing. I've spent most of my video career with ARC Document Solutions, but I had the opportunity to work on smaller, internal projects for companies such as Apple, Capcom, Intuit and others.

Products & Services

Deliver Trust At Every Touchpoint
Tint by Filestack

Design & Construction Productivity
ARC Document Solutions

Passion and Innovation for the AEC Industry
ARC Document Solutions

ARC Document Solutions

ARC Document Solutions

ARC Document Solutions

The New SKYSITE Platform
ARC Document Solutions

Take Control of Managed Print Services
ARC Document Solutions

SKYSITE Product Video
ARC Document Solutions

The Value of Mobility
ARC Document Solutions

Archive and Information Management
ARC Document Solutions

Introducing SKYSITE SmartScreen
ARC Document Solutions

Customer Testimonials

Mobile App Drives Facilities Team Productivity
Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel


Mobile App Drives Facilities Team Productivity


Getting More Work Done with A Mobile Access
Orange County Florida

Improved Service Response with Mobile Access
Lodi Unified School District


Mobile App Improves Productivity
City of Wilsonville

Project Information Management
Hensel Phelps

Hyperlinking Construction Documents
Clark Construction

Archiving and Information Services
FFA Architecture

Music & Promotions

Eagle Eye
DJ Lordjazz feat. Aarophat

Roman Tha Ryder + DJ Spinz

Apple Whiskey Glazed Chicken Lollipops
Kitchen Rebel

Roman Tha Ryda


Sassy LA


Homemade Wontons
Kitchen Rebel

ARIA: Arts Resources in Action
San Francisco Opera Education


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