I don’t want to jinx anything, but it’s starting to feel like soul music is coming back. After R&B’s over-exposed obsession with Trapp music, there seems to be some young up and coming vocalists who are pulling their style back from the fringes and producing nice, melodic, modern soul music that both young and older heads can enjoy. Artists like H.E.R.BOSCOSnoh AalegraSoia and more are quietly seeding music that captures the feel of vintage soul but wraps that sound in a nice, shiny, new package. The latest artist that’s captured my ears is Miami songstress Sabrina Claudio. One of my twitter connects sent me a link to her recently released project, About Time, which feels so fresh, yet harkens back to the style I use to love in the 90’s. Yet another emerging creative from the Soundcloud Revolution, Ms. Claudio’s previous EP “Confidently Los” is just as soulful and impactful. You need to add her to your list of “Must Listens”.