#ToddyAwards2016: My Favorite Games

The Toddy Awards are my annual lists of my favorite things from the year. Everything here is off the top of my head. Not a lot of work put into it. I just like to recap the things I enjoyed in media. Normally I review comics, tv shows, movies, music, games and wrestling. But I might add a few more categories if there were new things I’ve experience. 

Overall Game(s) of The Year (t):
Civilization VI / Master of Orion

Let me confess something: I knew without a shadow of a doubt that Civilization VI was going to be my favorite game of 2016 when it was first announced in 2015. Period. I’ve been playing Civ since Civilization II was released back in 1996.  But then, something happened.. This 4X space game Master of Orion: Conquer the Universe was released on Mac at the same time it was released for PC. And from that first double-cross ambush but rival alien race, I was hooked! The second half of 2016 had me going back and forth between Civ6 and MoO:CtU, living in 4x game ecstasy. Civilization VI was more methodical. If it weren’t for my love of micr0-managing, i’d have to say it was boring. But there was something about spending 8-10 hours building up your civilization just in time to defend your people against the onslaught of rival civilizations. Master of Orion seemed to take the Civ formula, chop out a lot of the fat, and give you this lean, mean galaxy building. Even playing favorites like Madden 17, WWE 2k17 and XCom 2, I’d have to say these two games garnered most of my game time.

Mobile Game of The Year: Marvel Future Fight

I’m a sucker for iOS ‘freemium’ games. Combine that with characters from the Marvel Universe, and I’m totally hooked. Over the past few years, Marvel has released slew of mobile games (Marvel Contest of Champions and Marvel Puzzle Quest to name a couple), mostly getting you to buy the extra perks to progress in the games faster. And it’s worked. I’m embarrassed to say how much money i’ve spent to level up my characters. Future Fight is your standard 3D Double Dragon style action game, sending teams of Marvel’s heroes and villains into the streets and secret bases to beat up thugs until you reach the end boss. A little repetitive, but the real charm is in the character collecting. Unlocking more powers for Iron Man or Spider-man to use seems to be the main draw. Out of all the phone and tablet games I tried this year, Marvel Future Fight is the one that had me in bed trying to clear levels before I fell asleep.