The Dark Knight’s Rising. The Joker is Coming. Thank You, Gotham.

The Dark Knight’s Rising. The Joker is Coming. Thank You, Gotham.

I loved the movie The Dark Knight. Even though I’m a complete Marvel-head and I love everything about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Dark Knight is still the greatest comic book movie ever made. Ironically, saying that, I think the biggest problem with the movie is Batman himself. I’ve always said since the moment I stepped out of the theater that it would’ve been a lot better if it was just Jim Gordon and the GPD that fought to stop The Joker. Six years later, Fox debuted Gotham, A DC Comics adaptation of The Batman Mythos… with no Batman! It sounded crazy at the time Sure, Bruce Wayne was there, but he was a kid, fresh off of witnessing the murder of his parents. So (like the showrunners said), there would be no Batman in this Batman story.

The first few years came under a lot of criticism. Critics and DC fan alike didn’t think the show was living up to it’s potential. Starting off more as a gritty crime drama that just happened to have characters with the names from the comics, the show just wasn’t really ‘clicking’ with audiences. But over the years, the showrunners went back on their premise and tweaked the show to align better with the other more popular DC shows (The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, etc.). For one, the villains slowly began to gain powers. Bruce Wayne had a growth spurt and started fighting crime as a vigilante, just short of donning the cape and cowl.

Now, in the middle of the fourth season, we finally start to see the pieces in place. Jim Gordon is moving up the police ladder toward commissioner, Bruce Wayne has had his vision of fear as a bat and the origin of The Joker is nearly complete. If you’re not watching Gotham because you don’t think it’s as good as the other shows, maybe it’s time to revisit this show.


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