Star Trek Discovery Dips Into The Mirror Universe

Star Trek Discovery Dips Into The Mirror Universe

Who would’ve thought that Star Trek Discovery, the sixth official Trek television series would be so intriguing it’s first mid-season finale. The show that was initially mired in controversy and rumors from the moment it was announced, has turned out to be a quality show with an interesting premise. With its timeline sandwiched 100 years after Start Trek Enterprise and 10 years before the original Trek series, most Trek fans have been a little curious about what universe the series takes place in. Technology-wise, the show seems to suspiciously resemble J.J. Abrams Kelvin rebooted timeline in the current film franchise. Yet, the creators say that the show exists in the original Kirk timeline. The fact that CBS only has the rights to the tv franchise supports their answer. Paramount Studios has the rights to the movie franchise, so it would be interesting to find out if both media companies are allowed to play in each other’s sandbox.

As the series comes out of its mid-season finale, we find the U.S.S. Discovery, due to n apparent sabotage by the Captain, in the Mirror Universe. The alternate timeline where The Federation is known as the xenophobic warmongering Terran Empire has been a Trek tradition for most of its series (excluding TOS and Voyager). For a show that seemed to be a retconned tale of the Federation/Klingon War, this Universe jumping curveball has brought up some interesting ideas. Could the Discovery be from the original timeline, yet found a way to alter it, similar to Abram’s Kelvin Timeline? Even though there’s a 100-year gap, this has some ties to Star Trek Enterprise’s trip to the Mirror Universe? U.S.S. Defiant, the Constitution-Class ship from the original timeline that probably gave the Terran Empire it’s dominance, seems to be a focus of this adventure. We know in the future the resistance conquers the Terran Empire and becomes just as currupt. Could Discovery be the turning point of the Mirror War? All I know is I’m totally onboard with this show.



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