Season 2 of Colony Resets & Takes Us Back To The Beginning

In the gluttony of high quality science fiction television series the past few years, Colony fell into that grey neutral zone. A very solid alien occupation series, it started with an excellent premise, but just proved to be too tame compared to other more edgy series like The Expanse, The 100, and Westworld. The story of an alien invasion in Los Angeles and the small resistance fighting against their oppressors and human sympathizers seemed to be ready for something epic to happy. But it proved to be pretty tame in it’s first season, with sparks of a coming revolution. But in the end, it felt like more of a prequel to something that could be more.┬áSeason 2’s premier takes up back to the day of the invasion, which packs almost more tension and anticipation then all of season 1. I don’t know if the entire season will be a prequel. I’m not big on prequels. But if they can keep ramping up the suspense, I think i’ll stick around to see what happens.