I like to paint myself as a big 4X game enthusiast. I’ve been playing Sid Meier’s Civilization Series since it debuted on the Mac platform in 1991. From there, I’ve played every iteration of the game.. even the Colonization series. But to be honest, venturing off into other 4X games has been unsuccessful. The only other games that’s hit the mark have been Master of Orion reboot: Master of Orion: Conquer The Stars released back in 2016 and rebooted XCom: The Enemy Within in 2012 and XCom 2 in 2016 (which I still play religiously to this day).

I’ve tried a few other similar 4X games, mostly notably Stellaris and Endless Space, but they never really caught on with me, mainly because of my impatience in taking the time to learn a new UI. But Stellaris has been back on my radar, specifically because of the community mod New Horizon, which reskins the game with Star Trek branding. That doesn’t seem too much, but the Trek ships and sound effects should be enough to keep me interested long enough to get into the game.