I use to be a nobody.

I use to think it was wonderful.

Existence in the essence of invisibility.
Standing there, but not there
in the eyes of those around me, nowhere.

Just another mediocre man to the masses.

Oh the sweet, sweet transparency
That use to wash over me.

But then came ‘her’
This incredible ‘her’
This bright beacon in my
incredibly pale nowhere, ‘her’.

Now, nobody wasn’t good enough.
She deserved more than nothing.
I had to be better than that nobodyI had to become somebody

But what happens when your ‘somebody’
Isn’t enough for her?

What happens when you open up
and give all that you have
and still, your somebody equals nothing?

How does the ‘nobody’ feel when he
realizes that he wasn’t being ‘nobody’

He really is ‘nobody.’

I am nobody.

What the hell do I do now?