I Can’t Believe I Can’t Wait for To See Justice League

I Can’t Believe I Can’t Wait for To See Justice League

Personally, I feel like DC and Warner Bros. are on a crusade to get my $10 on the opening night of the Justice League movie. After the lackluster¬†Batman v Superman, I regulated the DC Cinematic Universe from ‘must see‘ to ‘see it when I see it‘. Even after the excellent¬†Wonder Woman solo film, I am still a little weary of Zack Snyder’s superhero vision.

And then Joss Whedon was brought in to massage a few things while Snyder to step back for personal reasons. And then there were reshoots. And then there were more personable interactions and personality shown from the characters. I’m not saying Synder didn’t already have this in the film, but under Whedon’s direction, they seem to finally be showing something more than the grey palette¬†doom and gloom from previous films. The first teaser/trailer tried to give a more light touch, but it came off as a little cardboard.

Now jump to the newest trailer, and it feels less like an assembly of heavily CG’d footage and more of a team origin story. We still got that doom and gloom, but we also get to see splashes of color and the look of hope on the heroes faces. Throw in a small scene of Clark Kent (who died, seems to feel more like Superman with two lines than he did in the last two movies). All in all, I will be going to see this stupid film on opening day. Somehow, DC and Warner Bros. got me at the last second. I’m praying this will be launching pad for a hopeful phase 2 in DC’s movie franchise. Time to watch this trailer again…



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