#GuiltyPleasure: Star Trek Online

I’m so late to the game, but i’m addicted to Star Trek Online. For a game that’s been kicking around for around seven years, it seems to be going strong as ever. I really didn’t get into it until late last year when it was ported to Xbox One. It showed up briefly on the Mac for a while, but it was plagued by bugs and crashes so much, I’m guessing the developers felt there wasn’t enough players on MacOS to warrant the time it would take the to fix and update. I tried it on the Mac but couldn’t really get into it.

But when I saw it has launched on Xbox for free, I though i’d take another stab at it. I ran through the tutorial like i had so may times before, expecting to get bored and leap to another game like I had done so many times before. But this time was different. Suddenly I looked up and I was about 7 hours into the start of the game. The simplified controller scheme had made things a lot easier to follow. So I was on board.. at least for a little while.

But to months later and about $100 in buying stuff from the freemium store, and I’m all in with campaigns, and fleets and the cool story arcs you get to play as you fight and search your way through the storylines on your way to become a Fleet Admiral. After a host of unsatisfying Starships, I’ve finally settled in with my Concorde-Class Operations Command Battlecruiser, chrisened the U.S.S. Evangelant.

It’s taken me a while to get past the simple controls and gameplay. There’s a deep deep DEEP leveling system system that requires R&B, tech upgrades and mix-and-match weapons/defensive systems that you need for balance in space battles. The ground missions kinda suck tho. I always die at least a couple times during the missions. But after a few Youtube videos and real nice understanding of technology and crew, I feel that I’ve got a real handle on the game. Engage!