#Gadgets The Roli Blocs Music System

#Gadgets The Roli Blocs Music System

It’s a new year, with a lot of creative opportunities. Since I’m at An impasse on make mg music, maybe I should build a whole new workflow to get more creative. Earlier today, while waiting for my wife at Sephora, I ducked into the Apple Store to look at the new hardware and see if there were any new third-party peripherals I should consider purchasing. What I discovered with the Roli Blocks Modular System. It’s a custom made set of music, production modules that fit together to create a complete production studio.

At first glance, this is the production equipment I’ve been looking for all my life. Slick and unconventional, Blocks looks like a great custom system to learn how to make music. After doing some research and conferring with a few like-minded music producers, here’s what I’ve learned. Keep in mind THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL REVIEW. It’s just my quickly researched findings on this system.


  • It looks gorgeous. If you were a Mac DJ/Producer to wanted to seriously turn heads while you were on location making music, this would be the equipment you’d want to be seen with. The cool black casing with the bright touch-sensitive lights is a crowd magnet. If you had a couple grand lying around and you wanted a portable system in your backpack. It would be a no-brainer… IF YOU HAD AN COUPLE GRAND LAYING AROUND
  • The whole modular form factor looks awesome. Even with 3 or 4 different modules, it looks like it’ll fit nicely in a good sized backpack. You can take a compacted, gorgeous production system with you anywhere.
  • It’s wireless!! No need for a ton of USB-C to assemble when you’re ready to make music. I haven’t gotten a chance to test out, so I’m a little unsure about latency, which can be a real pain when working on music that requires exact timing.


  • Since this system is modular, it means that you’re gonna be paying some serious coin for the hardware pieces. The standard keyboard module, the Seaboard Block is $300. The Beatmaker Kit, which bundles the Keyboard, two Lightpad Blocks, Live Block and a Loop Block for $600. On point with a lot of other production equipment, this is a competitive price point. But with a closed system like this, it’s a big investment to make.
  • I’m not sure, but it looks like the Roli set of controllers aren’t compatible with Apple Logic Pro X, or any of the other popular music production software. The hardware can be programmed to be a standard MIDI controller, but why pay all that money (right now) if you don’t get the full advantage of the product.
  • At this time, it looks like you’re stuck with the 128 sounds that come with the system, along with the iPad/iPhone app. It’s essential for producers (especially HIp-Hop producers) to be able to use custom sound packs.

Get the full information at roli.com


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