Daredevil Season 3 Shines Amidst Other Marvel Cancellations

As I start binging the new season of Daredevil this weekend, I’m encouraged by the comments that it’s the best season of any Marvel streaming or TV shows to date. It sounds like the first two seasons and last years Defenders were prime character development material and now the show runners can hit the ground running and tell the main story: Matt Murdock vs. Wilson Fisk. Throw in Bullseye, Daredevil’s 2nd greatest enemy and you got an awesome canvas for adapting Frank Miller’s Born Again storyline.

I know this found weird coming from me, but the cancellation of Luke Cage and Iron Fist aren’t big disappointments. Make no mistake, I love these characters. I just think they’re better as support in more solid shows. The remaining shows, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and The Punisher have unique story potential, and can be made better with small moments with guest characters. Just like how DC/Warner Bros. finally got Superman right in his limited use in Justice LeagueIron Fist finally became interesting character in his small quest appearance in the second season of Luke Cage. There no reason to mourn these shows. Netflix won’t be slowing down on the Marvel shows. There’s too much streaming money in them. Plus, with the soon to be launched Disney Streaming service, there’s a pretty good chance those character will show up in other shows, or even reboot their own series in new ways.