Comic Book Pull List: September 12th

Comic Book Pull List: September 12th

I got to my comic book pile a few days late due to travel and a backlog of work. But it was worth the wait. The much anticipated 2nd issue to Dan Slott’s run on Fantastic Four dropped and it delivered. After the 1st issue, a lot of folks were puzzled by the lapse between that and the (apparent) last issue of Marvel Two-In-One featuring The Thing and The Human Torch. This issue filled in a little more of the gap, showing how and why the Reed, Sue and the rest of the missing family got back to the Marvel Prime Universe. Sara Pichelli’s art gives me that same feeling I had with the Miles Morales Spider-man issues, so I’m not missing them as much. If Slott keeps this us, the FF with once again take their place as Marvel’s first family.

Other stuff, Infinity Wars keeps getting better. I thought the merging of heroes would feel like old hat, similar to the Marvel/DC Amalgamation comics. But they’ve seem to find interesting blends that actually work. I can’t wait to see where this goes.

The X-Men issues this week were decent too good. I was a big fan of the last short-lived volume of Iceman. Sina Grace seems to be off to a good start, taking up where she left off in the last volume, keeping the multi-layered Bobby Drake very layered, realistic and most importantly… FUN. X-Men Blue felt like it was starting the ‘end of an era’, having the original time-lost X-Men saying goodbye to their present day counterparts as they prepare to go back to the past to make sure they don’t change the present. I was very suspect of what Brian Bendis did with them in All-New X-Men, but it’s been an awesome ride. I’m hoping this isn’t a swerve. I hope they can send them back successfully and bring back Cyclops. Get the X-universe back in track. Also, Old Man Logan seems to be leading for toward a nice end, which makes sense since the prime Wolverine has been resurrected. Gail Simone is still killing it on Domino. She’s made the character more relevant than she’s ever been. And X-23 seems to be finding her identity outside of Wolverine. Very nice.




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