Comic Book Pull List: October 7th

Comic Book Pull List: October 7th

Yes, it may be convoluted, silly and feel like a rehashed event (read: Civil War II)., but Spider-geddon is still a fun read. I still can’t keep track of all the Spider Heroes that are in play, but you don’t have to. You just need come along for the ride. I’m a huge fan of Doc Oct as the Superior Spider-man, so it’s cool they found a way to bring him back temporarily. I can’t wait to see how they wrap this one up. Hopefully there will be a shake up in the status quo.

In other books, Infinity Wars seems to be losing steam. It was pretty good before ‘The Folding’ happened. Let’s hope it wraps up strong. This week’s crop of X-Books was decent. Greg Pak’s Weapon X seems to be dark horse that’s really delivering. I hope they keep this team around when the reboot the X-Universe. I know Domino’s going to X-Force, but a villain team trying to do good seems pretty cool. The Walking Dead’s Commonwealth storyline is dragon on slowly… and I  love it! There’s something creepy happening there, and we’re skimming the surface. Not really feeling The Champions right now. Let’s hope the reboot gives the book more focus. And finally, we get a bit of nostalgia for use old folks, as this issue of Iceman has him teaming up with Spider-man and Fire Star… a nod to the old animated series Spider-man and His Amazing Friends. #Respect.


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