Comic Book Pull List: October 10th

Comic Book Pull List: October 10th

A lot came out this week, but it felt a little light. The week was dominated by Spider books, as the much anticipated Spider-geddon kicked off. The sequel to the awesomely successful Spider-verse. Like it’s predecessor, we were introduced to a host of alternate Spider-people in onsets called Edge of Spider-geddon, including the Spider-man from the recently released game on PS4. Dan Scott was able to balance a huge cast of heroes into a crazy fun adventure without it feeling convoluted, so this years show runner, Christos Cage has some big shoes to fill. If that wasn’t enough, we also got new issues of Amazing Spider-man, Spider-man & Deadpool and a issue of What If.. exploring to the ideas of Peter Parker becoming The Punisher. You had me at Spider-geddon.

Also this week, we got excellent issues of Avengers (which keeps impressing me), Infinity Wars, Captain America, Domino, and Iceman. I’m totally surprised by Donny Cates run on Venom. Somehow he’s managed to retcon a lot of what we know about him without it feeling shoehorned. After skimming through issue 7, I realized it’s so good, I need to go back and started from the beginning. Damn, I take back that light week comment.



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