Comic Book Pull List: March 16th

Comic Book Pull List: March 16th

I had a first this week. After reading yet another monster Marvel stack this week, I came to the conclusion that I was going to have a double-pick this week.   Two powerhouse new comics came out with excellent issues this week. So good, I couldn’t pick a clear favorite.. so i chose them both.


Comic Books of the Week (tie):
Power Man & Iron Fist #2 / Spider-Woman #5

Luke Cage and Iron Fish #2 amp’d up the action from the last issue. I’m loving everything about this book. First off, it features two of my favorite characters, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones (post-Avengers life). The gist of the current arc is pretty simple. Tombstone has put a hit out on Luke and Danny for falsely taking a rare artifact from him. The streets, who are a buzz with Power Man and Iron Fist reforming are a little apprehensive to try and take them out. Danny “Iron Fist” Rand is seeing this as an opportunity to get the band back together, while Luke “Power Man” Cage just tries not to get in trouble with his wife. It sounds stupid.. because it is. And it’s awesome. Throw in Luke doing his best not to use profanity, and you got one hell of a buddy cop adventure. Oh. and we get a cameo from Spider-Gwen and Spider-woman. Speaking of Spider-woman..

Spider-woman #5 wasn’t an action tour de force, or a shocking revelation. Basically it was Jessica Drew dealing with the aftermath of child birth. Speaking to a few readers of comics who are also mothers, they reveled in the accuracy of her emotion rollercoaster, dealing with the exhaustion and mental torture of adjusting to motherhood, especially with the return to work looming on the horizon. This doesn’t seem like a topic that would appeal to me. Honestly, the first few pages almost had be skimming to the end to see what horrible cliffhanger would be waiting for me. But I stuck around. The fact that i LOVE this character (even out of the red bodysuit she use to wear), and I love the direction of the street-level heroes in Marvel Comics today, I had faith in Dennis Hopeless an how he treats the character. The ‘night on the town’ panels with Hawkeye, She-Hulk, Helcat and Captain Marvel were priceless.


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