Comic Book Pull List: July 6th

This was an average week for me. About 20 books (full disclosure: some of them I still haven’t read). But there was some good stuff. The ongoing Superman titles have impressed me, now that the Pre-New 52 Kal El has retaken the mantle, Negan’s escapades in The Walking Dead have been both funny and scary these past few issues, as well as pretty good ‘peripherally linked Civil War II tie-ins like The Totally Awesome Hulk, and Kingpin. But Spider-woman got me this week.


Comic of The Week: Spider-woman #9

Once again Dennis Hopeless’ Spider book takes my top slot. It’s no secret I’m in love with Jessica Drew’s Spider-woman. Thanx to Brian Bendis, she was pulled out of obscurity and threaded through a lot of the major Marvel events over the past decade. From being kidnapped and replaced during the Krull’s Secret Invasion, to being treated like an outcast/traitor in the aftermath. She became a Skrull Hunter working for S.W.O.R.D. and even moving up to main roster to fight in yet another intergalactic Invasion. Eventually, decided to give up her Avengers tenure and refocus her efforts on smaller, street-level crime. That’s where we are with Spider-woman… Oh, and she got pregnant and had a kid. That’s very important.

If you picked up this book and really didn’t have an idea of her backstory, you could get the idea that Hopeless’ writing was laced with a bit of feminist pandering. But knowing what she’s gone through, her smaller-scale crimefighting AND her interactions with supporting characters make total sense. I say that because i told someone to pick up the book and I had a big convo about the state of female characters and how they’re written.. especially by men. And coming from a woman, I totally understood that. It was only after I explained the complexity of the character that a story like this actually works.

So Jessica and her investigative/detective team are in Canada hunting down possible Wendigos. I say Civil War Peripheral tie-in because while they’re on the case, Captain Marvel (Spider-woman’s best friend) is trying to contact her to enlist her in the Civil War II event in progress. Eventually Captain Marvel shows up and two have a girl argument while fighting off the deadly Wendigos. It seems stupid, but it’s funny and it works. The Javier Rodriguez are awesome as always. The right style for the tone of the book, without pulling it out of the feel of the proper Marvel U.

In the end, you can feel that Hopeless is doing his best to keep the Spider-woman involved, yet not a part of the main Marvel Universe. I’m trying not to say she in the ‘female’ corner (with Captain Marvel, Sylk, Spider-Gwen and others). But there is a movement going on with excellent storytelling that’s lead by character development.

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