Comic Book Pull List: July 11th

Comic Book Pull List: July 11th

Pretty good week for comics. Matthew Rosenberg’s run on The Punisher continues to impress. Frank’s adventure with the War Machine armor comes to a head as we see his ultimate plan is to kill the imprisoned Hydra Captain America from Secret Empire. Unlike other folks, I’m glad there are comics finally dealing with the aftermath of what happened in that event. What else we got…

With Old Man Logan and the original Logan now existing in the Marvel 616, Laura Kinney sheds her Wolverine persona and retakes the name X-23 in a pretty good first issue. Never thought I’d dig her sister clone Honey Badger. But there you go.. Rememder’s Black Science continues its excellent run. Even though I didn’t really care for Brian Michael Bendis’ limited Superman series The Man of Steel, I’m not giving up. I picked up his first issue of Superman. And fresh off of a controversial run on Captain America, Nick Spencer picks up the reboot of The Amazing Spider-man. Plenty to read!!


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