Comic Book Pull List: August 8th

Comic Book Pull List: August 8th

This is a pretty light week for me. But low and behold, Dan Scott drops the new, long-await Fantastic Four book. The FF were pretty much non-existent until Jonathan Hickman came along and wrote one of the most incredible runs on a comic book (for me) on Fantastic Four and FF back in 2010. Lately I’ve been really enjoying the whole ?????’s Marvel’s Two-In-One featuring The Thing and The Human Torch in the aftermath of the rest of the team’s ‘apparent’ demise after Secret Wars. But now the teams coming back, Doctor Doom is turning back to villainy, and it’s all being drawn by none other than Sara Pichelli (last scene in Spider-man). I’m so ready for this book.

The rest of my books were pretty good. The Champions seem to be influx, adding new members and changing the look and feel of others. I don’t think it was needed, but since the real Hulk and Iron Man are back, the junior members need new identities. Miles Morales Spider-man gets an annual issue, the first solo comic post-Bendis. It was pretty good. Bryan Edward Hill did a good job writing Miles. Brian Bendis’ run on Superman continues to grow on me. And Gail Simone is hitting it out of the park on the latest volume of Domino. She’s seemed to have taken the best parts of the previous incarnations as well and the version from Deadpool 2 and crafted a fun, and at times flawed character. An awesome read.


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