#iCan’tWaitToSee Those Who Kill


The last time I saw Chloë Sevigny was in the excellent (but unfortunately cancelled) Sky Atlantic Hit & Miss about a transgender assassin.

Fortunately, she’s back in a new dark, gory police drama ‘Those Who Kill’. It looks like another remake from Denmark (like The Killing) that should be a wild ride.


#Watching The Following


I was on the fence with season 1. I didn’t think they could drag the story out for 13 episodes. And to be honest, I got bored real quick. I think I skimmed through the middle of the season, but the last few episodes picked up the pace.

Now.. season two kicked off like gangbusters. What do you do when you kill half of your main cast? You change the game, but keep it the same. I’m digging the splinter groups and the foreshadowing of in-fighting amongst the cults. You’ve got my full attention this season.

#Watching The Shield


One of the coolest tv shows ever. Pretty much the prototype series for all the ‘edgy’  basic cable shows that came after. Rewatching it, I can’t believe this show is 10 years old. If you enjoy shows like ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Sons of Anarchy’, give it a shot. It’s available on Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Streaming.

#Watching: True Detective


Haven’t watched anything this unsettling since Se7en. It’s not a gore thing. It’s more of an atmosphere of impending doom. Woody Harrelson shows some good acting chops. But Matthew McConaughey is mesmerizing,  as  this incredible sociopathic crime fighter. I have to admit, I thought pairing these two guys together in a ‘drama’ was going to be a big train wreck. But yesterday I watched McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club, where he got lost in the character. This is gonna be one hell of a wild ride. If they can pull off an epic finale similar to Se7en, it’s gonna be Emmys all around.