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Quote of the Moment: Maria Popova

The first sentence can be written only after the last sentence has been written. First drafts are hell. Final drafs.. Paradise.
Maria Popova
Quote of the Moment: Maria Popova

New Mac App: SluglineScriptwriting Made Simple

New Mac App: SluglineScriptwriting Made Simple

The one thing that’s always discouraged me from writing scripts is a) formatting for scriptwriting in applications like Word, or b) the learning curve in ‘standard’ writing apps.

Slugline is an incredible new app that moves menus and UI out of your way and just lets you write. Instead of selecting formatting from drop down menus, Slugline uses intelligence formatting to anticipate what you’re going to need.


All you do is type. If you create a SCENE HEADING and hit ‘return’, Slugline automatically knows to start you with an action line. Type a name in all CAPS and Slugline automatically formats it as a CHARACTER NAME and puts you immediately into DIALOG when you hit return.

This may see like a simple thing, but the little obstacles that Slugline moves out of your way allows you to keep the flow of your creativity going. If you’re a scriptwriter, you owe it to yourself to at least do the 14 day trial.


Go Over

Go Over

Your life is like hanging from a cliff.
One moment of weakness, and you fall.
You keep hanging on, screaming for help,
muffled by  pride and pretension.

You’ve become the face you show
everyone, not the real you inside.

You’ve lost that person.

Too much time has passed
since he’s seen the sky and the stars.

Forever you will struggle on that cliff.

You will die there, slipping away,
with bloody fingers etched
in rocks and earth.

You will pass on not knowing the irony
that your salvation was in fact
at the bottom of the cliff.


Quote of the Moment: Homeless Guy

The smartest people in the world are the people who make the most mistakes and choose to learn from them.
Homeless Guy
Quote of the Moment: Homeless Guy

New Cover: Apocrypha Season 2

New Cover: Apocrypha Season 2

Starting the zombie book. Peep the cover.

Writing Update: Nikolas Poole & The Rise Of The Seraphim

Writing Update: Nikolas Poole & The Rise Of The Seraphim

I’m still writing. Two weeks of The Shingles kinda knocked me off of my creative game. After a long minute, I started revisiting my writing game.

After reading through my very rough draft of the first 10 chapters, I decided to make some slight changes to the characters. The most prominent change was changing the main character’s name from Victor to Nikolas. No real reason. It just played better inside my head.

In other news, I had to build another writing site from scratch. I could never find the right template to use, but i’m giving it another try. The new site is www.toddkelley.net/storytelling. I’m still back filling my older stuff

New Project: Craig

New Project: Craig

After months of inactivity, I feel like I have to retire my zombie novel Apocrypha once again. But luckily for me, creative written inspiration has returned to me, in the form of the monster hunter simply known as: CRAIG!