#listening to: “Sound Channeler: The Invisible Man” by Sean-Toure’


In this day and age of synth beats and catchy hooks, it seems that the art of lyricism has no place in the new rap paradigm. Artists have even gone on record saying that ‘Hip-Hop is dead’. Somewhere in the last 15-20 years, the art of real rhyme-centric rap has been replaced with chatchy hooks and ‘easy to follow’ verses; perfect for music videos and radio play. Fortunately, for those of us who still appreciate the art of lyricism, we can still get out fix from underground artists. In the new digital age, artists who don’t want to compromise their creativity, have new avenues to showcase their music.. artists like Sean-Toure’.

It took a while to drop, but after a few singles sprinkled throughout the year, the 17-track ‘Sound Channeler, The Invisible Man’ has finally been released to the masses.

Sean-Toure’ let’s you know he represents the underground. Not just the listeners. He shouts out fellow beatmakers, DJ’s and rap artists keeping the true art alive. You can hear it in the ‘dirty’ boom bap drums and true-school samples that make you yearn for those days of the Hip-Hop Renaissance. But by no means does this sound like an ‘old’ or ‘dated’ release. Producing nearly all of the album himself, Sean-Toure’ manages to keep that foundation of Hip-Hop beats and samples, but keep the vibe and lyrical content fresh and innovative. Within the first few seconds of each track, it takes you back to the days when cats like Pete Rock, DJ Premier, and J Dilla use to drop bass-heavy drum beats, perfect for boom boxes and headphones. Best believe this is in heavy rotation on my iPod.

By far, the song in heaviest rotation right now is Lie In Bed featuring indie crooner J-Soul. Toure’ shows his versatility by doing what a lot of artist find difficult.. blending the right rhyme style to fit the track. He manages to keep his style on point lyrically, without overshadowing the lovely-produced track.

[haiku url=”http://toddkelley.net/mp3/ST_LieInBed.mp3″ title=”Title of audio file”] Sean-Touré featureing J-SOUL – “Lie In Bed”

Move On is another one of my favorites. Here, Sean-Toure’ teams up with another of my indie favorites, Wordsmith. Both show their versatility over a lovely sample I can’t seem to put my finger on! This track SCREAMS music video! (hint, hint) 

A Day In The Life , the first single is the perfect introduction to the project. Again, Sean rides the rhythm with two indie favorites, Kev Brown and Ab Rock over a dope track that fits that perfect niche of true school foundation and next-level lyrical styles. Peep the video.

One of my unexpected favorite is the 3/4 time cut Hood Life, featuring Jernay Hinton. Normally, I don’t feel these types of songs. They’re just not my speed. But Sean-Toure’ somehow makes it work for me. It’s one of those songs that changes into high gear as soon as his verse kicks in. The dirty-ass snare keeps your head nodding’ through the whole cut. When it pops up on my playlist, I usually put it on repeat two or three times.

And then there’s Hustle And Grind which is on some nasty DJ Premier stuff; conjuring up memories of when Gangstarr would put on Same Team, No Games and crowds would go crazy. This isn’t an imitation, but it has that same street-level head-noddin’ momentum. Best believe this is gonna be a favorite on the show circuit.

[haiku url=”http://toddkelley.net/mp3/ST_hustle.mp3″ title=”Title of audio file”] Sean-Touré – “Hustle And Grind”

This is another independent release that feels like a major. Best believe Sean-Toure’s skills (both on beats and rhymes) are top-notch. There’s no slacking on content to conform to the urrent industry sound. This is strictly a labor of love for both the fans and Sean himself. There’s a lot of folks who want to say that ‘Hip-Hop is dead’. That ain’t the case. It’s just a little harder to find with all the bullshit on the surface. ‘Sound Channeler, The Invisible Man’ is definitely a perfect example that REAL HIP-HOP is still alive and kicking.

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01. Intro/ The OM-Aveneereer featuring Jeneba Suma; Dre Belovit The Truth
02. For The…
03. Life Is Good featuring Dionne Wilkins
04. That’s Not Me featuring J. Sands (of Lone Catalysts)
05. My Turn featuring Minus Nine (Makeshift Deluxe)
06. Lie In Bed (Inspired By A Great Lightworker) featuring J. Soul
07. A Day In The Life featuring Kev Brown
08. Hustle and Grind
09. Move On featuring Wordsmith
10. Subliminal Themes featuring Jeneba Suma
11. Hoodlife featuring Jernay Hinton
12. Real In The Field featuring Ayman Shahid (of SCU)
13. I.M.A.G.E. featuring Substantial; Ms. Stress; Marc Evans
14. Good Music featuring Wade Waters (Haysoos + Soulstice)
15. Keep It Simple (Inspired By George Calvin From New Orleans)
16. In The Heat Of The Night featuring yU (of Diamond District)
17. Get Away (Letting Go) featuring E Major (of Undersound Music)