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Sigal Avin and David Schwimmer Release Web Series, #ThatsHarassment Dealing with Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Recently, my wife has been schooling me on all the bullshit women have to go through by just stepping outside into public. We all know about the #MeToo Movement and the pushback against men (and sometimes. women) who force themselves on colleagues and co-workers with the threat of professional and personal repercussions. ¬†Like most people, I’m all-in with that movement. Being a minority in this country I feel it’s our duty to stand with any and every group (women, children,¬†LGBTQ, etc.) that fight for equality. But the little subtle things that women have to navigate through on the daily is fucking crazy.

I think if you’re not on the frontlines of the fight, awareness is your biggest weapon. Ask and listen to the women in your life. I understand accepting the small, nuanced racial crap that as a Black man in American I have been trained to accepted (hyper-sensitivity to law enforcement, white people crossing the street when they see me, questioning why I live where I live by gentrifying newcomers who don’t thing I ‘belong’ in my own neighborhood, etc.). Bottom line, women have to deal with a lot of bullshit. Be aware of those little things that we don’t think of, but are a huge impact on a woman’s quality of… just existing.

Be one of those dudes. I know I’m trying to be.

#ThatsHarrasment is a campaign by Sigal Avin (Writer/Director) and David Schwimmer (Executive Producer) to raise awareness about sexual harassment. The campaign includes five short films depicting instances of sexual harassment based on real life stories.