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Time Lord Victorious is a brand-new multi-platform Doctor Who story told across audio, novels, comics, vinyl, digital, immersive theatre, escape rooms and games!



Reading DC Comic’s DCeased


What happens to the World’s Finest if the world ends? With death spreading across the planet, who will live and who will turn in this apocalyptic tale of heroism, sacrifice and annihilation? Fighting time, each other and all of humanity, Earth’s greatest heroes must rally together for what may very well be their last chance to save the world from the most terrible plague humanity has ever seen. The Anti-Life Equation has been released and is ravaging the world at the viral speed of social media. Once exposed, victims lose their minds, violently attacking all around them. The heroes of Earth are fighting a losing battle to save the world…and themselves!


Endgame: Captain America vs Thanos Scene Stop-Motion Recreation


Captain America summoning Mjolnir like a muth***ing BADASS and raining electricity on Thanos’s ass.

Comic Book Pull List: February 20th


Miles Morales: Spider-man has had one hell of a great start. This team-up with The Rhino has been something unexpected and awesome. Throw in an appearance of Captain America and you got all types of wonderful. We haven’t seen Miles and Steve together since the Civil War II/Secret Empire craziness. I expected to have some type of call-back to add some closure. But what we got is a very ‘strange’ Captain America. I don’t know if he was suppose to be awkward or is Ahmed didn’t get Cap’s voice right, but it still all worked.

Comic Book Pull List: February 13th


Starting a new job this month, my comic book reading has cut down significantly for the time being. Most of the books on my pull list still haven’t been opened. But there still were some must-reads I needed to get through on my commute. My book of the week has to be The Punisher #8, which sees Frank Castle finally taking over the Hydra prison. This played out like an awesome movie. Matthew Rosenberg has been killing it on this book the past couple volumes. Castle’s one-man war against Hydra should come to an exciting conclusion!

The other book I touched this week was Avengers: No Road Home, Brought to you by the team who brought use the last weekly mini-series Avengers: No SurrenderAl EwingMark Waid and Jim Zub. It looks like they’ll be using the 80’s line up of the West Coast Avengers this time, with Rocket Racoon along for the ride. Sweet!!!


Comic Book Pull List: January 16th


Even though Brian Bendis has lest of seminal creations to others after he left for DC Comics, some writers who’ve taken up the mantle have been doing a great job carrying on the stories. Kelly Thompson has been a breath of fresh air. Even though I’m not that big on her current run of Uncanny X-Men, she’s been killing it on Westcoast Avengers and my one of my current favorites Jessica Jones. The ‘Digital Original’ has been just as good as previous volumes. The first issue of this limited series picks up right where the Bendis series left off and she doesn’t miss a beat. “Purple Daughter” does a great job of showing the characters vulnerability as well as the strain on her friends and marriage. In other books, Venom continues to be golden, dealing with the aftermath of the batter with the Symbiote God. Fantastic Four ushers in the reemergence of the classic Doctor Doom (no more Infamous Iron Man). Bendis’ Superman is fast becoming one of my favorite books. And the X-Men perish in their final battle again X-Man… cleaning the slate for Cyclops’ return and the next chapter of Marvels merry mutants.

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Comic Book Pull List: January 9th


There were a lot of good books this week. But the new volume of Captain Marvel was the best read for me. It was a nice re-introduction to the character, re-integrating her back into the Marvel Universe proper. She got to fight a giant monster with her best friend Spider-woman, got welcomed back into the Avengers by Captain America, re-kindled her relationship with James “War Machine” Rhodes and got to jump through a portal to another dimension… all in the same book. I don’t know what Kelly Thompson has instore for the character, but it should be one hell of a ride. In other books.. the Man Without Fear is a non-Daredivel story that’s still enjoyable. Bendis’ new volume of Young Justice was good enough to keep me reading. The latest issues of Miles Morale: Spider-man, Avengers and Domino are still good reads. And The Punisher is quickly becoming one of my must-read books.

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Comic Book (Holiday) Pull List: December 26th


This being the Christmas week, I wasn’t expecting any Comic book releases until early 2019. But low and behold, Marvel decided the bless us with 5 books to tied us over until the new year. The second volume of The Superior Spider-man has been given to Christos Gage as Otto continues his crime fighting way in San Francisco. We also got nice Fantastic Four after-wedding issue, a new volume of X-Force featuring a young Cable now leading the original team, a new Cloak & Dagger limited series and the next issue of the (not so) rebooted Uncanny X-Men.

Comic Book Pull List: December 19th


Traditionally, December is a slow month for comics. A lot of the books have wrapped up their major storylines and are pushing lesser relevant stories to compensate for the slow holiday season. But this mid-December week has me getting one of my biggest book piles of the year. Just shy of 30 books, we got the final issues to Marvel 3 major story-arcs (the X-Men’s Extermination, Spider-man’s Spider-Geddon and the Marvel Universe spanning Infinity Wars), While all of them ended with more of a whimper, they they did bring hope for a new status quo for Marvel. Despite the major releases this week, my favorite read was Captain America #6. Ta-Nehisi Coates seems to be channeling Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie in tone and ambience. I’m loving the disconnect of Steve and America. I know this is a deconstruction of Captain America so we can build him back up to the hero America needs.

In other books, Matthew Rosenberg continues Frank Castle’s war on Hydra in The Punisher #5 (they only other book treating Secret Empire as a major thing). West Coast Avengers continues to be one of my favorite books this year. I know it’s not a lot of folks ‘cup of tea’, but I think Kelly Thompson is killing it. Nick Spencer’s redemption on Amazing Spider-man continues. A lot of folks didn’t like his run on Captain America (that DOES NOT include me), but they have to admit he’s one of the best writers out there right now. And Gail Simone on Domino continues to redefine an awesome character.

Comic Book Pull List: December 5th


Goddamn you, Robert Kirkman! Again, I started to let my guard down reading The Walking Dead, even though I knew he loves for you to become complacent before he rips the rug from under you! I was all set to make the latest issue of West Coast Avengers my pick of the week. It was fun, light and really starting to give me that awesome feeling I use to get when reading The Superior Foes of Spider-man. And then f*cking Kirkman blindsides me with a horrific death to a major character by the most unlikely culprit! It floored me. So it had to be this week’s pick. In a single panel, the calm ride of the zombie apocalypse was replaced by an uncertain future. Even though the tv show is slowly regaining its quality prestige, it’s still nowhere near to the thrill ride in the comics. Well done, Robert Kirkman. And also, f*ck you!

In other comics… Unfortunately, the X-Titles continue to be tonally sparatic and underwhelming after the reboot. Cates is still killing it on Venom. It looks like Marvel is bringing back the original Defenders as it kicked off The Best Defense crossover with number 1 issues of Namor and The Immortal Hulk. The new issue of The Winter Soldier shows some good promise. And finally Doctor Manhattan makes something major happen in the slow, slow, slooooooooow moving mini-series Doomsday Clock.

Comic Book Pull List: November 28th


With issue 10 of The Amazing Spider-man has officially won me over. Unlike a lot of other folks, I was a big fan of Nick Spencer’s run on Captain America.. worts and all. But I wasn’t too moved by his first couple of issues of this series. Granted, it was leaps and bounds better than the ending of Dan Slott’s Parker Industries era, but It didn’t feel like a Spider-man comic. But man, was I wrong. The last few issues have been excellent. Spencer is bringing the same vibe he has with The Superior Foes of Spider-man a few years ago.

Comic Book Pull List: November 21st


Do to a family illness, I didn’t get to really get into my pull list this week. But I did get to read The Punisher and I enjoyed this issue as much as the previous issues. Frank’s war again Hydra is still one of the best things Marvel is printing these days.

Comic Book Pull List: November 14th


I haven’t been so engrossed in a Fantastic Four book since Jonathan Hickman’s run back in 2009. And although Slott hasn’t reached that level of awesomeness (yet), his first story arc was very entertaining, along with Sara Pichelli’s gorgeous art. This feels a lot better than what he was doing on Spider-man.

In the books, both Avengers and Uncanny X-Men released oversized issues. The Avengers was pretty good. The war with Atlantis has been going a lot better than expected. When you have Earth’s Mightiest Heroes going up against both Namor’s Defenders of The Deep AND Russia’s super team Winter Guard, you know it’s going to be one hell of an issue. And for good measure, throw in America’s Avengers replacement super team, The Squadron Supreme of America, and I’m all in. Oh yeah, plus Blade joints the Avengers. As for Uncanny X-Men.. meh. This 700th issue seems to be starting the X-Men Disassembled story arc, so let’s go. We need to tear this whole thing down, get THE REAL CYCLOPS back and relaunch with the foundational 5 members and keep it small. Both Spider-Geddon and Infinity War moved forward with okay issues. And once again, I have to say Donny Cates is KILLING IT on Venom.

Even though I picked up 21 books this week, it still felt a little light. My core purchases were small, so I splurged and tried some new stuff. Greg Pak (Incredible Hulk) started a new Firefly series. Thanos’ Black Order got their own limited series by Derek Landy. And a new digital first limited series for Netflix MCU favorites Colleen Wing and Misty Knight in Daughters of The Dragon. I’m hoping all three of these will be awesome.

Comic Book Pull List: October 7th


Yes, it may be convoluted, silly and feel like a rehashed event (read: Civil War II)., but Spider-geddon is still a fun read. I still can’t keep track of all the Spider Heroes that are in play, but you don’t have to. You just need come along for the ride. I’m a huge fan of Doc Oct as the Superior Spider-man, so it’s cool they found a way to bring him back temporarily. I can’t wait to see how they wrap this one up. Hopefully there will be a shake up in the status quo.

In other books, Infinity Wars seems to be losing steam. It was pretty good before ‘The Folding’ happened. Let’s hope it wraps up strong. This week’s crop of X-Books was decent. Greg Pak’s Weapon X seems to be dark horse that’s really delivering. I hope they keep this team around when the reboot the X-Universe. I know Domino’s going to X-Force, but a villain team trying to do good seems pretty cool. The Walking Dead’s Commonwealth storyline is dragon on slowly… and I  love it! There’s something creepy happening there, and we’re skimming the surface. Not really feeling The Champions right now. Let’s hope the reboot gives the book more focus. And finally, we get a bit of nostalgia for use old folks, as this issue of Iceman has him teaming up with Spider-man and Fire Star… a nod to the old animated series Spider-man and His Amazing Friends. #Respect.

Comic Book Pull List: October 31st


I’m quickly becoming a big fan of Matthew Rosenberg’s writing. Although I wasn’t that keen on the whole Phoenix Resurrection thing, his current series, The Punisher and Multiple Man have been awesome. The latter came to a nice conclusion this week with Multiple Man #5. We got a nice (if not quick) wrap up to the whole timey-wimey, alternate reality shenanigans of former X-Factor detective Jamie Madrox. And the way it ended, it looks like the character is permanently back from the dead and ready to join one of the upcoming X-Teams and the mutant reboot.

In other issues, this was a big event week, especially for Marvel. X-Men’s Extermination, The Avenger’s Infinity Wars and Spider-man’s Spider-Geddon were all in full swing. All had solid issues, but nothing that stood out. The first trade of Greg Pak’s Weapon H seems to be an unexpectedly good read. I dismissed it in issues since its inception, but after hearing solid reviews about it, I decided to grab the trade of the first 6 issues. When they first introduced the Wolverine/Hulk hybrid all I could do was role my eyes and groan. But I have to admit, they’re doing some good stuff with a character that should be garbage. Bravo, Mr. Pak. I’m collecting Chelsea Cain’s Maneaters in issues to support the creators. But I’ll read it when it gets to 6 issues.