Announces Version 3.6 with A New BETA App: Transfer


When it comes to moving files, speed matters. We’ve been hard at work on a new app for both Mac and Windows called Transfer. Transfer App

We originally slated Transfer to release later this year, but as a response to the profound shift in the way we’re working—and the tools we know you’ll need to make that shift easier—we’re releasing it as a beta now.

Transfer lets you download large files and sophisticated folder structures—or even entire projects—with one click. It also gives you a way to monitor your active downloads and to drag and drop to reprioritize their order. You can use EDL or XML to download specific files, which is especially great for accelerating the process of relinking to original camera files for final conforms, color grading, or sharing assets for VFX. And you don’t have to worry about unstable internet connections—if you lose your connection during a download, Transfer pauses and then automatically resumes as soon as you’re reconnected.

Download Transfer today.

Mail Pilot: Discovery Edition Might Be My New Email Replacement App


I had been looking for a great email app for years when I found Newton (formally CloudMagic)It was a nifty mail app that did a lot of extra stuff, and then even more when they changed the name and switched to a subscription-based payment system. But I didn’t care about that. It was all about the user experiment. It a gorgeous app, which matter to me since I would have the loop at a dozen times a day. This year they shut down the service. The app still works but there won’t be any updates going forward which will impact my workflow when Apple periodically updates Mac OS X. So I’ve once again been sampling all the current mail apps out there as a replacement. There have been a half dozen of them that I think are pretty good, but always seem to have at least one thing that doesn’t work for me.

Mail Pilot 3 was on of those apps that missed the mark. But it looks like the team is working on the next version they’ve codenamed Mail Pilot: Discovery Edition. And after watching the promo video, I might’ve found my next mail app. It sucks that it’s yet another email subscription service. A lot of the so-called premium functionality is not needed. I just need something slick and easy to use to navigate through my day. Still, I’m getting the pre-order pricing to see what the hell is up with this app.


The Mobile DJ App Arms Race Continues As Algoriddim Overhauls DJay Pro Making It Free With An Optional Pro Subscription


The progression of mobile DJ apps has been a slow one. There’s a lot of apps to choose from but there’s only been 2 (in my opinion that were decent enough to use on your mobile devices while you were on the go. Traktor DJ by Native Instruments, and Algoriddim DJay Pro. Sometime this year, Traktor (which was my preferred app) stopped working. It froze and crashed repeatedly so I had no choice but to delete it and start playing with DJay Pro. Algoriddim has put a lot of love and thought into this app. A lot of the things I’ve been wanting in a mobile app seems to be covered in this new version. I’ll give a review when I get to play with it more.

DJay Pro for iOS

Blocs Becomes My Primary Website Development Tool


With the discontinuation of Adobe Muse, I’ve been left without a website development tool in my arsenal. Sure, I have Creative Cloud so I have access to Dreamweaver. But I’m nowhere near proficient in html, css and js to use that app with any efficiency. All of my coding skills have dwindled to the occasional snippet for changing text color and editing text. I just need something I could visually build webpages with. Nothing complicated. I’ve owned Blocs since version 1, but after messing around with it, I realized the workflow wasn’t for me. But there’s been a lot of improvement and new features in the last couple versions. To be honest, I think the app has had everything I needed from the start. I just need to get off my lazy ass and tackle the learning curve. Expand

Subscriptions: Setapp Is The Solution To All Those Little Apps You Need


I’ve already ranted about all the unnecessary subscriptions I pay for each month. But SetApp is one of those jewels that shines above the rest. It’s basically a monthly subscription service that gives you access to a ton of small apps that do virtually everything. It’s not the major stuff. It’s the little $30-$50 apps that do one specific thing. And you get access to all of them for $10/month. Anytime I need a lifesaving little app (converting files, downloading video, etc.) Setapp comes through most of the time.



Could Shadow Be The Future of Gaming


Cloud gaming has been an unrealized for a decade. And even though this Show cloud gaming service seems too good to be true, a lot of the real world reviews suggest this is the real deal. $35 gets you a fully functional Windows gaming PC in the cloud. You get full Windows 10 so you can download steam and play games on your desktop/laptop (Windows AND Mac), and your mobile tablet and phone. The subscription price seems pretty steep, but I’m really considering trying this out!

I Can’t Wait For the iMPC Pro 2 for The iPhone


I’ve been trying to get my mobile beat game up for years. Being able to compose complete works with nothing but my MacBook Pro has been very freeing. Now I need that same freedom on my phone. I purchase and played with the first version of the iMPC when it first came out, as well with other mobile beat apps. But I never really dug too deep into their functionality. The Maschine app was pretty dope. Now I hope the iMPC 2 Pro app takes it further.


Pixel Film Studios Releases The Amazing “Projection 2”, Allowing You Map 2D Images Onto 3D Objects.


Pixel Film Studios plugins have been my lifeblood. They’ve allowed me to do a lot of effects-based projects that previously could only be done in After Effects. This 2nd version of Projection takes the image mapping to another level. I can’t wait to start playing with this.


Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 Update Is Here


The annual Adobe Subscription Update has come to pass! The new Photoshop has some really good features!

I Can’t Tell You How Much I Love Spotify

I spent too much time hatin’ on Spotify. I had tried to a few times but my old curmudgeon ways had me favoring local iTunes music. But then Apple Music gave me 3 months free to try it out and BOOM, I was hooked on streaming. But the UI (like everything else iTunes) was clunky as hell. Thinking there was a better way I went to put fresh eyes on Spotify again. What a difference a couple months make. I don’t know what they do with that search algorithm, but my curated “Discover Weekly” playlist has turned me on to so much new artists and music that it’s become 70% of my music search for mixes. I’m still keeping Apple Music and possibly signing up for iCloud Sharing so I can upload all of my unreleased, rare remixes and personal music for streaming, but Spotify is my main spot. Add me if you haven’t already:

Todd Kelley On Spotify

Twitterrific Is My New iOS Twitter App


In my ongoing pursuit to upgrade my iPhone XS Max with apps that have a sexy UI, I’ve moved back over to Twitterrific as my official Twitter app. True, the official app has a dark mode which looks great on my new phone, but Twitterrific’s tweaked UI looks lightly better with a nice user experience. I’m still on the fence so this is a trial tryout. I can always go back to the default app if needed. But until then, I’ll play around with this one.

The Agora Player Is My New Podcast App


With my phone upgrade, I’m trying to update my favorite apps, focusing on great UX and sexy UI. I’ve been using Downcast for years on my iPhone. I’ve tried a few others but alway came back due to its easy of use and reliability. But now with a nice OLED screen on my new iPhone XS Max, I’m looking to upgrade to something more slick, but still easy to use. The AgoraPlayer seems to be the dopest app I could find. There’s a bit of a learning curve on how to use it, but the UI is sexy and hell.