Can We Get A Proper X-Men Television Series Now?

Can We Get A Proper X-Men Television Series Now?

as a long time X-Men disciple, the acquisition of Fox by Disney has kicked up some interesting possibilities for my favorite Marvel franchise. And I can say with love that the mutant universe hasn’t been at it’s best for a while. I jumped on board with the comics in the 90’s when Chris Claremont and Jim Lee were killing it. And I enjoyed the movie franchise as a pioneer in quality comic movies (before the MCU raised the bar). Because of licensing deals Marvel had to make to stave off bankruptcy in the late 90’s relinquishing any rights to creating films or tv shows, any chance of seeing the core members of the X-Men on TV. So what we’ve gotten have been a few x-men adjacent shows (Mutant X, Legion, and The Gifted). And even though the most recent shows have been excellent shows, it’s still not the same as having Cyclops and Jean Grey leading the original 5 against Magneto, or The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

But somehow, the planets have aligned and the prophecy has come to pass. The powerhouse media conglomerate that is Disney has signed a deal to acquire most of the media rights from Fox, bringing the X-Men, Fantastic Four and their family of characters back to Marvel. So now can we just do what everyone wants and put together a proper X-Men television series? No more, fringe mutants and subjective references to the main characters. Just put Professor X and his mutants in the School for Gifted Youngsters and have them fight a new villain every week. We can do the long-form story arcs later. Let’s just get the basic down and build the characters.


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