So a week ago, the 4TB G-RAID drive that holds all my movies and tv shows started to act up. Wireless transfers of media that use to take a few minutes were taking an hour. Videos would take almost 30 seconds to play and would periodically freeze while I was watching. I tried running diagnostic tools, but all I got were messages to back up my data and reformat the drive. I started panicking because I didn’t have anyspace CLOSE to 4TB to back up my data. So with a heavy heart and a slight case of buyers remorse, I forked over $370 and bought a second 4TB G-RAID to act as my transfer drive, and then added space for content. The G-RAID drive has been the best media drive I’ve ever had. So I decided to stick with what I know.

So I got the drive, daisy-chained it to my old one using a firewire 800 cable (I LOVE FIREWIRE800)! Aaaaand I started copying over the data. i didn’t ┬áthink 4TB would be that much of a pain to copy over firewire800. I was wrong. I forgot my first drive was in the process of failing. The transfer was going to take 30+ hours!!! I didn’t panic, though. That was ok. I could do two days without media content. So I copied and I waited.

About 4 hours into the transfer, the Macbook Pro started acting funny. The screen froze and when i tried to move the mouse, the screen went blue! So i let it sit for an hour. I was hoping it would straighten itself out and I wouldn’t lose that 4 hours of transfer. But alas, nothing happened. I did a hard reboot and instead of the clean grey apple logo popping up, I got a foreboding grey folder with a question mark icon. I already knew that I was screwed. Somehow my hardrive got hosed. but before I could do anything the folder went away and I got a black screen with a little primitive white grimacing mac box on it. NOOOOOOO!!!! Logicboard failure!!!! So what i thought would be a simple hardrive replacement, actually turned out to be a dead logicboard. I had two options. I could take the laptop in to be services or i could just break down and buy a proper mac to be the media center. I chose the latter.

So with a heavy heart and an EXTREME case of buyer’s remorse, I scurried down to the Walnut Creek Apple Store and spent a GRIP on a shiny new Apple Mac Mini.

Setting up was a breeze (once i got the wireless keyboard and Magic Trackpad to sync). I promptly installed xbmc 10.1 and attached my two G-RAID drives to it. At first I was a little disappointed with the screen resolution. the 1600×600 was the highest resolution offered through the onboard HDMI port. But then I remembered that the miniDVI port was the real graphics powerhouse, so i used my HDMI/miniDVI adapter and presto, full 1080p resolution.

Aw we speak, my data transfer should be finishing up (went from 30+ hours to 12). And xbmc is scraping the hell out of my content getting the right metadata for all movies and tv shows. I spent WAY too much money on tech this week. Add my new iPad 2 being delivered on the same day this all happened and you get the spot i’m in. But i can’t complain. Just take the hit and enjoy my toys!