Civil War Is Upon Us In The 5th And Final Season of Vikings


Don’t hate me, but I think I’ve enjoyed Vikings more than I have Game of Thrones. The more contained story and the smaller cast of main characters have made it a lot easier to follow with all the action and violence you’d expect from a warrior period piece. You’d think that a show that loses its main protagonist (Ragnor died halfway through season 4) would lose its steam, but the elevation of Ragnor’s son and the tension of vengeance to kill the murders of both their mother and father has elevated the show.


Teachers Is One Of My Favorite Television Guilty Pleasures


You don’t think of quality television shows when you think of TV Land. But there are a few gems that seem shine through. Teachers is one of those shows you get when the cast, writing and tone are just right. The misadventures of 6-grade school teachers trying to entertain each other through the mundane day is hilarious.

The New $5G iMac Pro Is Something My Inner Geek Needs To Own Someday


I’ve been a Mac since I was in college back in the early 90’s. My first Mac was a SE/30 which has a whopping 1MB of RAM (expandable to a dizzying 128MB) and no had no hard drive. The operating system (muthaf$%@$% System 6.0!!!) on an internal ROM. For the day, it was AWESOME. Interestingly enough, almost 27 years later, Apple’s latest Macintosh, the iMac Pro will cost roughly the same damn price, clocking in at just under $5000. The specs on this new machine is a tad bit upgraded, so the high price seems justified compared the price of the other available Macs in their lineup.

Blade Runner 2049 Is An Unexpected Modern Masterpiece of Filmmaking


I wanted to go see Blade Runner 2049 on the opening weekend. But a lot of other stuff started getting in the way. After months or procrastination, I finally went into see it. And with less than a month to go, this became my movie of the year. Not only did this movie get everything right, but it got them right in all the right doses. It’s very rare when a sequel doesn’t outshine the original, but does something different which elevates itself and the original. You can understand this when you don’t need to see the original to know what’s going on. Watching Ryan Gosling journey down the rabbit wh0le was thrilling. I’ve always been one of those people who complained about his stoic acting. But in this movie, it’s necessary.

When you can build a great story on a foundation of atmosphere and effortless world-building, you know you have a masterpiece on your hands. And then Harrison Ford shows up, and you remember you’re watching a sequel. Brilliant!

Quotes: James Baldwin


To be a negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all the time.

Shit hasn’t changes much since your day, JB. Damn…

The First Details of X-Men:
Dark Phoenix
Are Coming


Well.. it’s that time again. Fox is working on their seventh (seventh?) X-Men film. This time we’re jumping forward to the 90’s and Jean Grey is getting her spotlight as The Phoenix. Being burned more time than not, I don’t know how I feel about X-Men: Dark Phoenix. That being said, of course I’m going to see it. I’m a comic book nerd so it’s my duty to give money to the companies making an effort bring the X-Men to the big screen. I love this photo. It’s really conveys the feel of how beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

The Beautiful Creepiness That Is
Anita: The Battle Angel


I don’t know what the hell this is. I don’t know what the hell it’s about. But I do know I’m gonna pay $10 to go see it.

Soul Calibur VI Announcement Trailer


One of the few games me and my wife enjoyed playing together. She’s one of those players who just button mash indiscriminately and manage to win some of the times. I hate that. But I love this game. Can’t wait for Soul Calibur to drop on Current generation consoles


Marvel’s Move from Dark & Glitty Television, To Teen Angst Continues with Cloak and Dagger


Just like DC’s race to get their cinematic movies up to the standerds of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the flip side seems to be happening on television. DC’s excellent collection of tv series (The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow) has been a bright spot on superheroes on tv. With the lackluster reception for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., their first foray into establishing a tv show connected to their Cinematic Universe, it seems Marvel is tweaking their television direction, primarily tapping some of their younger heroes from the comics.

Before now, Marvel’s excellent array of television series were known for their adult-oriented, dark and gritty tones. With the success of the Netflix series like Daredevil, Jessica Jones and the other Defenders solo and team-up shows, you’d think they’d stay the course. But the next crop of tv shows seem to be geared toward a young audience. Starting with the X-Men inspired show, The Gifted on Fox, we’ve been blessed with a series of ‘young adult’ style shows. From Runaways on Hulu, to the forthcoming Cloak & Dagger on Freefrom, Marvel seems to be spreading the wealth, hoping to grab some of that Twilight/Hunger Games crowd.

I was never a big fan of Cloak and Dagger in the comics. They’d pop up from time to time in the books I read but there they never seemed interesting to me. After seeing this trailer I get why this is a goo property to focus on. The tone seems to make the whole ‘superpowers’ thing as a metaphor for being different and taking a back seat the problems and situation a lot of younger folks can relate to. Bravo.

Netflix’s Dark Is A Time-Bending German Sci-Fi Thriller of Awesomeness


I don’t know where the hell this one came from. This German original series from Netflix puts a lot of American tv shows to shame in storytelling and scope. Taking a lot of cues from Stranger Things, Dark is a missing persons mystery mixed with murder and time travel and a lot of other elements. Super stylish, taking audio and video inspiration from a variety of folks like Stanley Kubrick, John Carpenter and even the tv show Dexter (that damn creepy music).

Originally a German language series, I’m glad Netflix decided to do an English dubbed version instead of just subtitles. I’m only half way through the season and there’s a hot mess of plot lines and clues, and if they can somehow pull this all together by the season finale, this might be the best offering from Netflix since The OA.